Top Dog Model Begins Weds 5th September, 8pm ITV2

12 Yard presents a brand new series where eight pampered pets go head to head to become the face of a top commercial brand and become the next Claudia Sniffer.

We all love model TV shows: the incredible locations, out of this world outfits and – let’s face it – the bitchiness.

But it’s time for Tyra and Elle to take a back seat, the dog models are taking over.

Millions of pounds and thousands of jobs are reliant on the face of a brand being just right. And for the likes of Dulux, Andrex and HMV, that face is a doggy one.
So we’re putting out a dog whistle to the 8 million UK dog owners and their pooches – from poodles to pugs, beagles to bloodhounds.
We’re going to sniff out the mutterly gorgeous best of the best and put them through a series of challenges to test the dogs and their crazy and passionate owners to their limits.

Can both breeds really cut it in this glamorous but tough industry?

Tune in to ITV2 at 8pm to find out.

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